Sunday, January 28, 2007

Go Worldwide for Free

Pat Phelan is one of the finest people I've met in ages. He's a true gentleman, former chef, and current entrepreneur. I had the pleasure of having lunch with him, Shel, and Michael when Pat toured the West Coast late last year.

Pat and his crew run two teams very well. They sell SIM cards at Roam4free, which lets you roam and receive calls for free in 65 countries and realize a 90 percent savings on standard mobile rates.

Not available yet in the U.S. -- but stay tuned because it will be soon. I'm already on the mailing list. :)

For U.S. folks, Pat and crew also run AllFreeCalls, which lets anyone in the U.S. make free calls to any of more than 30 countries.

Not on a headset. Not on your PC.

Basically, pick up your phone, use AllFreeCalls (no sign up required), and make the call.

For free.


If you're in the U.S. and dialing overseas, you need to be using AllFree Calls.

Kudos to my friend in County Cork. Nice job, Pat.


roam4free said...

Hi Tim
Man thanks for the link. hoe things are going well. Sims are available in the USA, in fact most of our customers are USA based.We just have an issue with the cost of roaming IN the USA but if a user from the USA is traveling to Europe thye now get to receive free calls on their roam4free sim.

shel israel said...

You're cookin' or so I said to the chef wannabee.

Me said...

"Wannabe" is totally, utterly correct.

Thanks, Shel!