Sunday, January 28, 2007


For much of its early life, a start-up devotes a ton of energy to raising money. Then, it works like hell to turn the investment into revenue. All the while -- if you're lucky -- some really brilliant people are working in the background, making it happen and writing the code. People like Kyle and Tupshin.

This past week, Jangl started making money, about 14 months after it closed a Series A round for $2 million from Storm and Labrador in November 2005.

We started a trial service with in June 2006, and response was so positive that Match launched it nationwide, as a free service, in November 2006.

But even before the nationwide launch, Cardinal joined too, while Storm and Labrador added more during our Series B in July 2006, long before the Match trial was complete.

That's faith.

As of Thursday, our free service for became a paid service for Match subscribers. Which means that Jangl's bank account jingles, due to our revenue sharing agreement.

It's a huge milestone for us. During our monthly all-hands meeting, we popped a cork and had a sip.

Then we got back to work.

There's more on the near horizon.

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