Monday, January 29, 2007

Mr. Bronstein, I Just Want to Follow Up on that Brain Machine Story

The San Francisco Chronicle has begun podcasting complaints, rants and raves from its readers, a scheme dreamed up by Chronicle editor and EVP Phil Bronstein.

To me, this idea seems to marry some of the best things about "old media," "new media," "dead social media," and -- last but not least -- reality TV. Only this could be hugely entertaining.

So far, my nomination for both Most Entertaining and Most Fevered Media Pitch via podcast goes to Michael Duerksen, who calls from a phone booth in Arizona to lament that the media not only refuse to cover the existence of a Brain Machine That Mutilates, Imprisons, Etc., but that certain members of the media secretly use the machine themselves.

Regardless, podcasting reader comments is a great idea. Entertainment and information for the listeners, and a more broad voice for the commenters.

UPDATE: Over at Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner (and others) suspect that an earlier Chronicle caller may have been none other than Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. Some terrific sleuthing over there.

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