Monday, January 29, 2007

Jangl Condom Video, Take One

There has been some internal discussion about characterizing Jangl as a condom for your phone. Truth is, Jangl isn't just about privacy and protection, although that's a big part of it.

There's been even more discussion about whether or not we should show it and, more to the point, where we should show it.

My team won. :) And in fact, I've been scooped by my boss and by Pat Phelan, as well.

But the question is: does this offend? What's your reaction?


Ted said...

Love it! Can we get a girl with nice hands and painted nails to contribute a version too? Not that your hands aren't sexy, but they're just not. Sorry dude.

relaxedguy said...

If it hadn't already been done several times and perhaps mentioned the product it would have been a lot better. As it was, I was pretty repulsed and now bring my Razr to the Doctor for a checkup every six months.

Timothy Johnson said...

Were you really repulsed? And has it been done several times?

Let me know -- seriously, I'm curious.