Thursday, May 17, 2007

here, there, everywhere with jangl

And you thought I died.


  • Jangl was today named as one of 12 "Connected Innovators" at Supernova 2007, Kevin Werbach's and Michael Arrington's huge deal in late June in SF. Classy guys. (Thanks to them for hearing out "what Jangl is now" versus "what we'll be in a few weeks." We are truly honored and looking forward to the mixer next week, too, so hit us up if you want to talk.
  • Jangl was awarded as a Red Herring 100 winner last month. Again, we're pleased to be part of the crowd, and part of the legacy overall. Michael went to Monterey and it sucked I couldn't join, because I love that place.
  • The Tagged and TypePad deals have been amazing for us -- numbers through the roof. Both groups have been a total pleasure to work with -- it still fascinates me to see how other internal teams operate, myself having spent so long on the agency end. But these guys were great. Kudos to Rudy and Ginger.
  • And another deal of which I cannot speak yet -- but keep your ears tuned.
  • And in the run-up to a pending launch, CEOs and CTOs and everyone else wanting answers, directions, guidance, background, pictures, spreadsheets, phone numbers. . .did I mention I freaking love this job? Too many interviews to count.
Now you want the grist, right?
  • I used to thrive on personal connections with bloggers in particular, but I don't have the hours to do this properly anymore. Help! We've always prided ourselves on"touching" each personally, because that's the way it oughta be done. Logistics are starting to preclude that.
  • One blogger in particular continues to "accidentally" violate NDAs. Cmon, folks. I'm only asking that everyone be put on fair, equal ground. I don't want to hear excuses. Play fair, or don't play at all. Cool?
  • I guess, when I was agency-side, I sent some "vendor emails." I'd like to think they were constructive and concise and relevant. Tell you what: on the "in-house" side, the deluge is stunning. Even more so, the ramrod, slipshod, "no, i-have-no-clue-what-your-company-does" approach is rampant. Ninety-nine percent of vendors kill themselves with the very first contact. Delete.
One last thing: there's a FNG at Jangl (although not so new): Aaron Burcell, who comes most recently from Podshow and, before that Stata Labs (think Bloomba). One of the best and brightest, and a guy who "gets" corp comm and PR. Hallelujah. He's been nailing stuff up ever since he joined.

Train's moving fast. I'll try to keep up.

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