Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wrong Lyrics

When I was in kindergarten, for weeks our class rehearsed songs for a Mother's Day tribute, a huge deal which would be attended by (surprise) everyone's mother. One of the tunes was, "Mother's Make a Home."

All the while during rehearsals, I sang the line, "Mother's may go home," completely confused why we'd even bother inviting them if we were, in fact, sending them back home.

I think I finally decided that it was our closing number.

A few years later, I couldn't understand why The Eagles' Desperado was "painting his hunger."

Years later, a buddy of mine related how, when he was a kid, his parents were a little freaked to hear him singing a Madonna hit: "Gonna dress you up in nylons. . .all over, all over."

Just a few years ago, my daughter heard The Corrs' "Breathless" on the radio, and promptly went around for weeks singing, "Go on, go on, come on, leave a breathmint."

(Yes, the fact that she was even exposed to this is horrible -- I'm a lousy parent.)

What songs did you botch? C'mon. Be honest.

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roam4free said...

My own personal favorite is an American tv show (the name escapes me) where the guy is coming back in the car singing " Reverend blue jeans"