Saturday, February 3, 2007

Boston Bomb Scare: What About Interference?

So Turner Broadcasting and Cartoon Network and a few idiots hooked up to terrorize Boston in the name of marketing. Turner has agreed to pay. The two guys who hung the signs were arrested the other day.

My question is: how come the agency involved isn't being held accountable?

Sure, Interference has probably been fired by Turner/Cartoon Network. But is that punishment enough?

Right now, they have this on their site.

PR meets guerrilla marketing, I suppose.

The idiot who advocated this at Interference ought to be ponying up, too. It galls me that some anonymous "creative director" can stir the pot while Turner pays and two hired contractors get arrested.

Where's Interference? Well, no management names on their site right now.

If you go to, you'll see Sam Travis Ewen, CEO, 212-995-8553,, as of late 2004, before their site got all glommed up.

Tried to phone him last night -- it went right to voicemail.

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Jeremy Pepper said...

Come on - the funny part about this is the people in SF and NYC didn't even notice the devices.

Ugh, none of us would make it in Israel.