Friday, January 26, 2007

I Switched

Not that anyone reads or cares, but I've switched from WordPress to Blogger in these nascent stages of My Blog.

Because a (very) few had pointed to my first-ever blog post, I feel compelled to include it here. Not because I'm proud of it. I wrote at a tired moment and the words reflected that. I hate the entry, despite its honesty. I sound lame and weak.

But here it is (written December 1, 2006). I post it not because of it is useful, but because I don't want to be misleading or dishonest.

So here's my first-ever (sort of) aborted blog entry.

Laugh away. :)

I feel old.

I crossed another decade milestone not too many months back.

Since then, it feels like I’ve been called “sir” more often than ever.

I’m a single dad of a wonderful 11 year old girl with whom I’ve always shared the closest of bonds. But lately, I’m feeling a little bit more uncool and dorkish than ever.

I now have a little more weight and a lot less hair than is typically desired, when I used to wear a 28 waist and have a feathered, mid-80s do.

But what really makes me feel old is the fact that I’m starting this blog on a cold, clear night in late 2006.

That’s late. Way late. Too late for someone like me.

But honestly, there’s so much brilliance on this here internets, I can’t compare. It feels as if I’ve suddenly started the Indy 500, in my old 1963 VW Bug, with five laps to go.

I was gonna lay on the couch tonight and wallow in this spate of harsh reflection.

But instead, I decided to write a little bit. I’m lucky to have a great set of colleagues and friends, and a “blogging coach” who is unsurpassed. Yes, you know him. And you know many, many of the same folks I know.

But you don’t know me.

I’ll start by fixing that.

Fuck feeling old.

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